Brett’s Story – Transformation Man

Knowing that many of you would like to know more about what happens here at LandWorks from the trainees’ perspective, I thought you’d like to read Brett’s Story as provided by the PeN Project

Brett says: “this is the first time I’ve sort of admitted that I need a bit of back up here…”

Posted on February 10, 2017 by PeN Project

“Yeah from my point of view it came from a chat with Sarah one day, she was like what interests do you have in your life and stuff like that, and it was like music, movies, and she was like if you could pick one character that you like or whatever, and I said Batman definitely, so then the idea came about representing… so I was like yeah, I looked up to him I suppose, idolised him in my life, and that was the symbol of… so yeah I was like we should do a superhero for this place, and try and represent what this place does for you, and what you want to do in your life, you want to change for the better, you wanna walk away from this place one day, and be like yeah I’ve conquered my faults, and I am walking away a stronger person, so yeah, so that was like yeah, and that was a transformation and so ‘Transformation Man’, which is cool… we weren’t sure how we were going to make it and we came up with, I think it was Sarah who came up with the mesh, using the mesh and yeah it’s been like a transitional period, even while I’ve working on it, the idea came about at the beginning of the month… well we finally got him done today, finished the mesh, it’s really cool, he’s going to look good no matter what…

It’s been alright actually… it’s like I had one slip up but that was at the end of the month and I’m doing alright again now I’ve just got to maintain the clean street if that’s what you want to call it, yeah… it’s one of those… it’s almost going into the unknown, I’ve never done it before, I’ve tried and sort of convinced myself that I could do it alone, because I think I’ve always thought that I was in control of the situation, like I was doing it for good times, but erm yeah, that’s been a big thing actually, like admitting that I actually need help, letting people in, because trust isn’t easy, has never really been easy for me to accept new people into my life, it’s always taken a while, but yeah this is the first time I’ve sort of admitted that I need a bit of back up here, I need a bit of support but admitting that has been like a big weight off my shoulders and I sort of feel like nice and chilled, I feel like you know when you get in a bath…

I am just really happy that he has finally come together… it was quite nice to see him come to life, it’s been a big thing, from my idea to what I’m going to use material wise, to actually seeing him stood on his own two feet, I think he’s balanced… it’s cool though, I’ve never done anything like that… I did do a bit of something [at school] papier mache… …the good garden we had in mind, like going from the shit garden to the good garden, it’s like the whole transformation… going from a dark place to a light place, so yeah, it’s all good… it was a little bit difficult at the beginning, but then I got over that… cool, that’s my goal, I’m feeling the benefits already like my health, sleeping patterns and getting my appetite back up and stuff, it’s been nothing but good… it’s true though innit, that feeling aah [getting in the bath]…”

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