LandWorks is a supported route back into employment and the community for those in prison or at risk of going to prison.

LandWorks Action Plan Infographic showing what happens at the charity.

The facts

It costs £35,182 to keep one man in prison for a year

Reoffending costs the economy an estimated £13 billion each year

46% of prisoners reoffend within one year of release.

The comparable reoffending rate for LandWorks trainees is 4%

47% of prisoners have no qualifications on release

Just 26% have a job when they leave prison

82% have the writing skills of below an 11-year-old child

Over 70% suffer from more than two mental disorders

93% of day-release trainees at LandWorks are now in employment




Watch: BBC Countryfile reports on the LandWorks project

Frequently asked questions about LandWorks

1. When did LandWorks start?

LandWorks began on 22nd July 2013.

2. How old do trainees have to be to get involved with LandWorks?

Currently, the programme is for those aged 18 and over. However, we are investigating whether in the future, it might be beneficial to also involve those who are 16 and 17.

3. Is LandWorks exclusively for men?

No, although we expect the majority to be men given the relative numbers in the criminal justice system and the fact that there are three prisons in Devon, all of which only provide places for men.

4. Why is LandWorks focusing on providing training and support for those who have committed crimes when there are other people who haven’t committed crimes who would benefit from training and employment opportunities?

Schemes like this are in everyone’s interest. We need effective schemes to help rehabilitate offenders and ensure their successful resettlement from custody – they help to reduce crime and create safer communities for all. There are currently no specific projects that aim to do this in our rural community. This is not about rewarding anyone but about addressing a significant gap in our communities.

2 Comments on “About

  1. I live locally & have lost count of how many times I`ve decided to get involved with Landworks …. only to be deterred by a host of other commitments & on-going family things.

    I`m a retired social worker having spent far too many years working in Childrens` Services &, consequently, far too few years working in Mental Health Services.

    After retirement in 2010, I did a 3 yr training to become a Shiatsu Practitioner which I`ve not really got off the ground due to some health issues & a lack of on-going clients.

    Also, I was accepted to work voluntarily at H.M.P. Channings Wood – as a member of the Independent Monitoring Board. But at the time my commitments related to the Shiatsu training needed to take priority.

    So, if there`s any way I can get involved I`d be very happy ….. please get in touch with me & let me know.

    Liz Sheldon


    • Thanks for your comment Liz, it’s lovely to have your support. It sounds like you have a lot of very relevant skills and experience! There aren’t any volunteering opportunities at the project at the moment but could we make a note of your lovely offer and get in touch if something comes up? Also, do remember it’s our annual Supporters’ Day on Friday 30 September (12noon – 2pm) and we would love to see you there.
      Thanks again


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