Plenty of fish

Hello This week we have mostly been building…a rectangular open box, with no obvious way out and not a lot to do inside (so basically a jail, in my opinion). It is in fact a new pond for our (ever) expanding fish… Read More

Opposites, or not?

Hello I doubt I will forget that day. The day I mentioned a trainee police officer would be joining us for a week-long placement. Not because of what was said… worse, nothing was said! Just a stony silence, eyes down, feet shuffling,… Read More

Hello It’s June 2007 (life before LandWorks), Blair is about to finally leave No.10 and Gareth Jones is released from HMP Channings Wood after a 3-year stretch. Hot, sunny, and day two of his release. Gareth is working with our landscape company… Read More

Chris’ Blog – Random

Hello “I’m getting the hang of this. It’s a bit of a head f@#k… like my life”. Nicholls is dry stone walling. It’s his first time, he’s good and I’m just a touch jealous. We’re chatting about life, criminal life, and recurring… Read More

Chris’ Blog – A Letter To My Former Self

Hello The following is something that I would have liked my younger self to read, that sunny morning three years ago in July 2013. I was sitting in my van staring at the prison gates; waiting for the first men to come… Read More