Hello “I feel a bit ashamed to be honest, but I’ve been really looking at myself, it is me saying yeah I take responsibility.” Bob, January 2018 There is a pathway of change at LandWorks. Part of this journey is understanding that… Read More

LandWorks – Hope for people in prison. Read about the state of the prison service today and how it impacts on us all. Via Chris’ fornightly blog.

Hello It’s June 2007 (life before LandWorks), Blair is about to finally leave No.10 and Gareth Jones is released from HMP Channings Wood after a 3-year stretch. Hot, sunny, and day two of his release. Gareth is working with our landscape company… Read More

Chris’ Blog – A Day in the Life

Hello 6.35 am Swallows are already flying high Diving down over our flowering comfrey LandWorks is open And I catch a slightly odd smell. I treasure this first hour Not sure I want to admit it, I have a sort of ritual… Read More

Chris’ Blog – Simples‏

Hello “Could I have a word, I’m feeling a bit paranoid, you know, not sure if I’m gonna do it, do you think I can this time?” You can imagine the Daily Newspaper headline… ‘Old lag not sure if he can go… Read More