Hello We were running. Running fast (I thought) to the market stall at the entrance gate. Frank’s haunting words in my head, “That honesty box is a mistake Chris, there’s f#cking criminals out there” (he should know, he’s done a bit of… Read More

We thought you might like to read an extract from an interview Chris did for online magazine ‘Recourse’ about LandWorks from the beginning, answering some frequently asked questions along the way… The sun was beaming down as we pulled into the grounds… Read More

Chris’ Blog – Well-kept Secret

Hello Got Christmas on your mind? Well, why not let LandWorks ease the pressure? Come and visit our new pop up Christmas shop (Quarry Field entrance). We’ve got it all: bespoke cards made by the guys, recipe books with prison secrets, parsnips… Read More

Originally posted on A window into LandWorks:
When you’re inscribing it’s such a steady job to do… you know Graham was like ‘oh, would you mind burning that in for me?’ and I’m like, ‘no, no, not at all’, and then the…

Chris’ Blog – Phone Up Robin Hood

Hello Not quite sure why but I’ve been having a few weird dreams… “Well Kirsty, in this song The Clash suggest ‘phoning up Robin Hood and asking for some wealth distribution’… There are moments when a Desert Island is quite appealing. Free… Read More