LandWorks - Hope for people in prison. Working in the wood workshop

LandWorks – Hope for people in prison. Read about the state of the prison service today and how it impacts on us all. Via Chris’ fornightly blog.

Tits in the box

Blue Tits nesting in the post box

Hello This morning I found a little note pinned to the gate, informing me that we have blue tits nesting in our leaflet collection box. As I unpinned the note, I could just make out the cheeping of impatient offspring demanding food…. Read More

There’s f#cking criminals out there

LandWorks Honesty Box

Hello We were running. Running fast (I thought) to the market stall at the entrance gate. Frank’s haunting words in my head, “That honesty box is a mistake Chris, there’s f#cking criminals out there” (he should know, he’s done a bit of… Read More

What inspired you to go down this route?

Chris Parsons in LandWorks' Workshop. Photo Credit: Recourse Magazine

We thought you might like to read an extract from an interview Chris did for online magazine ‘Recourse’ about LandWorks from the beginning, answering some frequently asked questions along the way… The sun was beaming down as we pulled into the grounds… Read More

Chris’ blog – Go Johnny Go

Unfuck The System Artwork Workshop LandWorks Devon

Hello It’s April 1963, one crowded room in Hackney and Johnny has just been born. Two elder sisters, their father (his part time abuser), Johnny’s Mother (who he would die for) all squeezed in. On his eighth birthday they flee the abuse,… Read More