Hello …Continued from previous blog (click here to read)… Thursday Traditionally our busiest day, but unhelpfully today it’s wet, very wet. So, indoor jobs are at a premium. The polytunnels offer a horticultural shelter from the deluge. Other days they provide a… Read More

Chris’ blog – Monday Gives Way to a Midweek Mystery Hello Monday Mondays occasionally can be a little impaired by the residues of the weekend! But this Monday we rattled along. The 8am team meeting identified a few current issues and planned… Read More

Chris’ Blog – To See Ourselves

Hello You would be forgiven for thinking him completely ‘out of his mind’ as he repeatedly smashes his frail body against the window. Watching is distressing, he just can’t seem to stop. It’s not until you realise that it’s a mirror window… Read More

Chris’ Blog – Hammer Time

Hello Hammers! Now here is a thing to be writing about. Such a simple tool, used for millions of years and so easy to misplace (a personal note). “Phwoooaarr this hammer is a bit tasty.” Vince was weighing it in his hand… Read More

Chris’ Blog – Christmas innit

Hello ‘Twas the day before, the day before Christmas, an early frost upon the ground. The phone rings… “All right pal, it’s Dean. Yeah, Chris I’m lost, I don’t know where the f#@k I am!” ….Phone goes dead. I like Dean; he… Read More