Chris’s blog: A spinning nightmare

‘Election Fever’ is here, and you may have caught a few of the policy-speak words flying around, like ‘resettlement’, ‘reintegration’ and ‘rehabilitation’. Are words like this really useful?

Chris’s blog: A tale of two cities

You may have managed to avoid trouble inside; to get clean from drugs or have sorted yourself out. But what happens if you’ve nowhere to go afterwards?

Chris’s blog: Dear Father Christmas…

The PortaCabin is starting to look quite festive; our tree, a fine 2’3’‘ specimen, has matured by a least an inch over the year.

Chris’s blog: Could you survive on £3.35 a day?

In this week’s LandWorks blog, Chris asks: could you survive on £3.35 a day?

Chris’s blog: A lot happens in a year

As LandWorks celebrates its 1st birthday, Chris reflects on the staggering progress the project has made since it began.