The LandWorks Charity Christmas Quiz 2017

31st January 2018

A huge thank you to all who took part in the 2017 Quiz, especially to the eagle-eyed quizzers amongst you who spotted the error on Question 10 of Section G Cryptic Christmas (see below) – we haven’t taken this question into consideration when marking, but an extra well done if you still got it!

We are delighted to announce the winners:

Congratulations to Hilary Colling who won the top £100 cash prize!

LandWorks wooden bench – Ms McKerchar

£50 cash prize – Helen Beevers

£25 cash prize – Mrs Burger


A. General Sayings (e.g. All that glitters is not gold)
1. A S L than W Actions speak louder than words
2. V is T S of L Variety is the spice of life
3. H T nail O T H Hit the nail on the head
4. It T T T T It takes two to tango
5. T K two B W O S To kill two birds with one stone
6. The C is A R The customer is always right
7. B A R and A H Place Between a rock and a hard place
8. A bad W B H T A bad workman blames his tools
9. In T H Of T M In the heat of the moment
10. L T C out O T B Let the cat out of the bag

B. Colours (e.g. Like a bolt from the blue)
1. Once I A B M Once in a blue moon
2. P the T R Paint the town red
3. P C T K Black Pot calling the kettle black
4. E C has A S L Every cloud has a silver lining
5. B T D and the D B S Between the devil and the deep blue sea
6. How N B C How now brown cow
7. T G is A G O T O S The grass is always greener on the other side
8. A W as A S As white as a sheet
9. S T W through R T G See the world through rose tinted glasses
10. T B In T P O C To be in the pink of condition

C. Crime and Punishment (e.g. Take no prisoners)
1. As S A A J As sober as a judge
2. H in the B Hang in the balance
3. T J is O The jury is out
4. I Y C do T T, D D the C If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime
5. T G A With M To get away with murder
6. There is H A T There is honour amongst thieves
7. Set a T to C A T Set a thief to catch a thief
8. I T L of D In the line of duty
9. To C The B To cook the books
10. T be C R-H To be caught red-handed

D. All things nature (e.g. to win by a landslide)
1. M O from L A G Mighty oaks from little acorns grow
2. M H While T S S Make hay while the sun shines
3. C see T W F T T Can’t see the wood for the trees
4. To M a M O O A M To make a mountain out of a molehill
5. The T O T I The tip of the iceberg
6. F O T J of S Full of the joys of spring
7. T I no S W F There is no smoke without fire
8. B Up T W T Barking up the wrong tree
9. S of T E Salt of the earth
10. T T Over A N L To turn over a new leaf

E. Cities: UK and overseas (e.g. Rome wasn’t built in a day)
1. I L P in the S I love Paris in the springtime
2. To Send S T C To send someone to Coventry
3. W I R do A the R D When in Rome, do as the Romans do
4. T Carry C T N To carry coals to Newcastle
5. All S-S A B F All ship-shape and Bristol fashion
6. W A M is T of L, H I T O L When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life
7. H W have A P Houston we have a problem
8. In a N Y M In a New York minute
9. T G Old D O Y The grand old Duke of York
10. T Black H O C The black hole of Calcutta

F. Crime fiction (think TV, Film & Literature)
1. A T Of F A Touch Of Frost
2. The G M The Green Mile
3. O is the N B Orange is the New Black
4. The S R The Shawshank Redemption
5. T G W the D T The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
6. M O the O E Murder on the Orient Express
7. The S O T L The Silence of the Lambs
8. L S and T S B Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
9. C M if Y C Catch Me if You Can
10. S on A T Strangers on a Train

G. Cryptic Christmas!
1. Embellish the corridors (4, 3, 5) Deck the halls
2. Considered a whinge (6, 4) Mulled wine
3. Without this, you just have bumps and berries (5) Goose
4. Stole time arranging this plant (9) Mistletoe
5. Your leg might be one! (8, 6) Stocking filler
6. Oft misspelling of boss not detected by Microsoft (6) Manger
7. Ilex aquifolium and hedera (5, 3, 3) Holly and Ivy
8. Plato, Confucius and Socrates (5, 4, 3) Three wise men
9. Was the earliest Gallagher or Edmonds? (3, 5, 4) The first Noel
10. Light part of music and learning (6) Candle

We hope you had fun completing the quiz. On behalf of everyone at LandWorks, thank you for your support.

8th December 2017

IMPORTANT NOTE: The eagle-eyed quizzers amongst you might have spotted an error on the quiz circulated last week. I must have been burning the candle at both ends when I wrote it…!

Question 10 of Section G Cryptic Christmas (back page) – the answer is actually 6 letters not 5:
Light part of music and learning (6)……………………….


A huge thank you to all who took part in the 2016 Quiz last year, the total amount raised reached £1140!

So now you can enter the LandWorks Charity Christmas Quiz 2017, while supporting a local charity you’ll be in with a chance of winning:

£100 Cash Prize!

For the winning draw from those who complete the whole quiz correctly


For the first three entries out of the hat, whether correct or not, or incomplete:

  • A LandWorks Bench, handmade by people in or at risk of going to prison
  • £50 cash prize
  • £25 cash prize


Click the button above to download the quiz, print, and fill in as much as you can. Alternatively, you can collect the quiz from the LandWorks Market Garden Stall (on the gate in Dartington).

We suggest a donation of £5 (cash or cheque) to accompany your entry to the quiz.

For each £5 donation, your entry will have one allocated number in the draw (For example: a donation of £15 counts as three entries in the draw).

Please make cheques payable to ‘LandWorks’ and post your entry to:
LandWorks Quiz, Quarry Field, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EA

The closing date for entries is 25th January 2018. Winners will be informed by the end of January. The correct answers will be available on this page to view on 31st January and not before!

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